Case Studies

Case Studies

A small sample of how our expertise has benefitted our diverse clients needs are described below.

Samrex Textiles Ltd.

Tinct was approached by Samrex to overhaul their order entry and workroom manufacturing systems and procedures. The tasks included large-scale process re-engineering and creating a clear road-map for the company.

After the system was installed, order entry efficiency increased by over 150%, and keying errors reduced by over 60%. Customer service was also improved by utilising a sophisticated barcoding system that allows the precise state of an order to be instantly tracked.

The key requirements for this installation were:

  • Rapid and accurate order entry system
  • Sophisticated order management system
  • Integrated barcoding system for order tracking
  • Detailed order processing statistics to show and bottlenecks
  • Comprehensive report generation for sales figures
  • Automated despatch management system for approximately 100 locations
  • Streamlined worksheet generation system
  • Stock management
  • Automated invoicing via Sage Line 500

Second Phase

Following on from the original deployment, an additional requirement was placed to allow for the system to provide live data and receive orders from an independently run website.

This requirement was successfully completed, and also extended to provide the company with a fully automated real-time off-site backup of all their data.

Third Phase

To further improve customer service and decrease the order duration, a requirement was added for remote PCs to view the status of any orders placed at that location, and to be able to place new orders.

This requirement was successfully completed within a demanding timescale, and Samrex are now able to easily receive orders from over 100 locations. This has reduced their average order duration by approximately 15%, and reduced incoming phonecalls by over 80%.

Project Overview

Project Type Database application, desktop application, remote web service
Services Provided Design and build, maintenance, support
Key Technologies SQL Server,,, XML, SOAP, WSDL

Canning Conveyor Co. Ltd.

Canning Conveyor Co. Ltd. required a sophisticated contact management and marketing solution. The key requirements included:

  • Multiple contacts for each company, with companies also having subsiduaries and parent companies
  • Each company must be able to be assigned to one or more sectors
  • Marketing e-mails should be able to be sent out to one or more sectors, and provide detailed statistics including:
    • Percentage of e-mails read
    • Percentage of links followed
    • Change in web-traffic resulting from the campaign
  • Contact information should synchronise with Microsoft Outlook (via Microsoft Exchange)

The company already had an existing database written in Microsoft Access that was initially upgraded to SQL Server. This was then extended to allow for the additional sector and subsidiary information required, and a system was implemented to pass information to Microsoft Exchange.

A bespoke marketing e-mail system was then implemented to work from the upgraded contacts database and track all the relevant statistics.

Project Overview

Project Type Database application, desktop application
Services Provided Design and build, maintenance, support
Key Technologies SQL Server, Microsoft Access,,, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook

Ballards Removals Ltd.

Ballards Removals Ltd. required a multi-user networked order management system that also allowed remote stores to view their current orders. Their key requrements included:

  • Simultaneous multi-user access to information
  • Remote access to information via a web-interface

The company was previously using a single-user Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to hold the information that was e-mailed to stores on a weekly basis.

The entire system was implemented in under two weeks, and allows real-time relaying of information to remote locations, and featurs access restrictions to only allow stores to view their own information.

Project Overview

Project Type Database application, desktop application, website application
Services Provided Design and build, maintenance, support
Key Technologies SQL Server,,, HTML